The Survivor Society Journey Begins: Created by a small town girl from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, Survivor Society is an inspirational lifestyle brand founded through the journey of surviving cancer. On her 10 year anniversary of being cancer free, this brand ignites in hope to inspire survivors everywhere both visually and emotionally.

This is a collection of work that focuses on quality, creativity, imagination, and storytelling. These core concepts are the foundation of the design and thread through the construction of every product. Inspired by Kira Karlstrom’s personal experiences, the Survivor Society is built with love and admiration out of respect for every battle with cancer.

Survivor Mission Statement: To unite, empower, and inspire every survivor battle.

We are a society committed to the belief that the most important promise you can make to yourself is to never give up. We wear our battle scars on the outside to inspire and unite all those who have fought or are actively fighting to survive cancer. We are proud, we are fearless, we are unstoppable, we are survivors.